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Bone Fracture Specialists

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Bone fractures or breaks can be painful and complicated to treat, but healing is possible with the expert support of the skilled orthopedic team at Sports Medicine Oregon in Tigard and Wilsonville, Oregon. If you experience an injury that you suspect is a bone fracture or stress fracture, call for an appointment or use the online tool to schedule.

Bone Fracture Q&A

What is a bone fracture?

A bone fracture is a break due to direct trauma. Fractures can occur during contact sports, falls, or as a result of an automobile accident. 

A stress fracture is a hairline injury that occurs due to continuous stress over time. Common stressors are repeatedly jumping or running long distances. Almost half of all stress fractures affect the lower leg.

How painful your fracture is depends on which bone is affected and the type of fracture. 

Fractures can happen in any bone, including the lower and upper legs, hips, arms, clavicle, and shoulders. 

When should I suspect a bone fracture?

In many cases, a fracture is obvious. Symptoms like pain, swelling, and discolored skin around the affected area may occur. You may also notice:

  • An irregular bend at the affected area
  • Inability to put weight on the injury
  • Possible bleeding
  • Inability to move the injured area

Symptoms of a stress fracture are more subtle. At first, you may notice only pinpoint pain that goes away during rest. Over time, the pain becomes more severe and you may develop swelling around the painful area. 

What is the treatment for a bone fracture?

Many bone fractures can be treated with non-surgical interventions, including immobilization, casting, and slings. Depending on the severity and location of the fracture, surgery may be required. 

Severe fractures will require resetting the bones, and in some cases, a series of surgical screws, plates, or other stabilizers to restore function. 

How long is recovery from a bone fracture?

The length of your recovery depends on the location and severity of your fracture, as well as whether you had surgery. 

You’re given a complete set of instructions on how to care for your fracture and promote its healing. These instructions include activity modifications and how and when to set up follow-up visits.

Expect it to take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to fully heal. You’ll undergo physical therapy to help maintain and restore function as you heal. 

For expert treatment of bone fractures, contact Sports Medicine Oregon by phone or through this website.